Hi. This is the Anthony James Plumbing Web Site. The goal of this company is to provide complete, effective, honest plumbing services to individuals, small and medium sized businessess to remain competitive and ahead in today's business environment at reasonable prices well below the industry average.

The founder of this company is Anthony James. Anthony James is an experienced plumber who has been in the business for over 20 years. He worked for a licienced plumber for about 7 years and few small plumbing companies for about 15 years specializing in residential and comerical plumbing.

His preferred Email address is anthonyjamesplumbing@nowogrodzki.com, which I check weekly.

The Company Work Address is:

  Anthony James Plumbing
  Brooklyn, New York 11235
  Phone (718) xxx-xxxx

This web site which is still under construction, contains many of the basic information about Anthony James Plumbling.

This web site was last updated March 7, 2006. The links below are some of our affiliates.

Mendelson Consulting

Anthony James 
Email: anthonyjamesplumbing@nowogrodzki.com
Anthony James Plumbing

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