We offer and provide different services based on you or your company's needs and expectations. If you have special needs, we will taylor you or your company with a special package to meet your expectations and beyond.

Our basic fees are economical for individuals and companies that want to use us to do basic plumbing servies such as installation of applainces and troubleshooting and correction of plumbing problems, etc including all water and gas pipes, etc. Our hourly rates are extreamely fair and low compared to what other plumbers charge with similar experience and education in today's economy. We will even charge the same low rates even when you supply the materials.

Because our rates are low, we charge $40 for an estimate. We will gladly waive this fee upon your agreement to allow us to do the work for which we gave you an estimate. We need to charge for an estimate in order to protect our customers and ourselves from some of our competitors that will offer to do the work at a much lower price and later raise it with some excuse after the work has begun.

Some of Our basic services and fees listed below include:

This rates are a fair represenation of our prices. They will be honored unless extenuating circumstances are present. If this is the case, you will be notified of the additional fees before we begin work. On average we charge about $30.00 per hour for labor which is fair and low compared to what other plumbers charge with similar experience and training in today's economy. We want to do work at the above rates if possible and keep your business and get referals from you. That how we will remain in business. In addition, we have a referral program in place where we will pay you 10% of the total job of all new first time customers that you refer to us.

We provide customized packages and additional items to meet our customers needs:

Updated March 7, 2006

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