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This is the Budowla home page. Budowla is surname that Jews took who lived in the area of the estate of Budowla. The estate of Budowla is located in Belarus in the area of Grodno, Slutsk, Novogrodok, and Slonim. Budowla also means building or house in polish. This information is documented in the book "A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames of the Russian Empire." by Alexander Beider on page 158.

I just recently received two genealogy works from my cousins, Revie (nee) Budovitch/Walman (Email address: "prwalman@rogers.com") formerly of Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, now residing in Kitchener Ontario Canada, and Bruce Zatz (Email addresses: "bzatz@optimum.net") who I found on the web which have been combined by Bruce Zatz. The original Budowla Family Trees were done by Revie (nee) Budovitch/Walman, Esther Budd, and Bruce Zatz. Please feel free to down load the Budowla Family Tree in excel that was last updated a few months ago. I have now also included a key to explain the meanings of the symbols in the Budowla Family Tree. Again, we want to thank my cousins. Time permitting, I will figure out the best way to get this information on the web in HTML format after I figure out the machinics of why my Excel crashes every time I try to save the file in HTML format. For now it is available in Excel format here. It was last updated on 1/4/11. For more detailed information about the Budowlia Family Tree, please go to http://www.geni.com and do a search on budowlia.

Revie (nee) Budovitch/Walman formerly of Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, now residing in Kitchener Ontario Canada has also has also emailed me a many pictures of our Budowla family. One picture is from around the turn of the century. Here is a family portrait taken during the year 1918. For more detailed information about the photo click here. In addition, another picture sent by Revie (nee) Budovitch/Walman is of my Grandmother Sarah's half brother Max Budovitch. Also, most recently, Revie (nee) Budovitch/Walman sent me another picture of Bessie, Children, and Family which included her mother, Goldie Epstein along with her mother's three sisters, Sarah nee Epstein/Everett (left corner), Rebecca nee Epstein/Jacobson (lower right) Doreen Epstein and her mother, Bessie nee Budovle/Epstein. Revie's mother (top right in white) was a twin to Doreen, the two younger ones sitting on their mother's lap. Doreen is the only living sister and at age 83, still lives in St. John New Brunswick.

Areas for additional research include additional documentation on Yankel Budowla's Family around the 1890's and before in Belarus.

Another cousin, Arthur F. Menton (Email address: "amenton@charlap.org"), has written and published two books and is the President of the Charlap-Yahya Organization which now has it's own website. One book's title is "The Book of Destiny: Toledot Charlap." and the other books title is "Ancila To Toledot Charlap". These books basicly deal with the Charlap family and other related families. One of the related families is the Budowlas / Budovitchs / Budow family. Arthur Mention also is the of the editor of "The Ser-Charlap Family Newsletter. This newsletter is published about 4 times a year. Here are the articles written in this newsletter related to the Budowla family. My thanks to Arthur Menton for his effort in his publications.

Are the people at the right and to the above of your screen Budowlas? I have no clue who they are.

This genealogy hobby of mine and my cousins is one we have been working on little by little over the years. I have created these genealogy web pages in order to document and hopefully to create interest in my family's history. Areas that I need more information, work and research are the family history from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. There is much confusion about our family's history at this time.

Please contact me if you have any additional information or any questions. If you feel more comfortable to write in any other language feel free to do so as I can have it translated. If you like I will call you back if you speak English. If you also do not know much about your Budowla side of the family, please let me know what you do know and pass or send this letter to some relatives who might have more information.

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