Help an 83 Year Old Man Find His Lost Family

Help an 83 Year old Man Find his Lost Relatives. Updated January 25, 2002

Morris Greenblat is looking for lost relatives with the last name of Novogrodsky (Nowogrodzki or Novogrudsky).  They were last living in the towns and area of Belitsa and Lida in Belarus (Byelorussia).  Morris's mother name was Sophie (Tsvia)  Novogrodsky.  Morris Greenblat's grandmother name was Channa Rosa.  Do you recognize any of these people below or know were their decedents are living today. Morris would like to find them. 


If you have any information regarding these people, please contact me at the information below.


 My address and phone number are:

       David Novick
       2665 Hubbard Street
       Brooklyn, New York 11235
       Phone (718) 368-3416

David Novick

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