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Updated January 6, 2011

Hi. The purpose of this genealogy site and the Novogrudsky Home Page is to try to find the history of our Nowogrodzki family.  The main objectives of this website is to generate interest in the Nowogrodzki Geneaology and to find out about our original family name and the whereabouts of lost family members, including my grandfather's brother, my father's uncle and our cousins as well as other Novogrudsky's and how they are doing. I am also concerned about the health problems relating to Heart Disease and clogged arteries that plague many Nowogrodzkis.  I am hoping to learn how Nowogrodzkis can successfully battle and win against these problems from other Nowogrodzkis.  In order give this website a feel of being a center of Nowogrodzki interest, about 20 years ago when I was working for Florida International University, I accessed every database I could find in order to find information on the Nowogrodzkis through the world. I created web pages based on this data. I have not continued to access these databases and update this data due to my time constraints and privacy concerns.

My father was born Yankel Novogrudsky and my aunt was born Rinka Novogrudsky in Byelorussia> near Minsk when this area belonged to Poland. Their families were living in kletsk (kleck Polish spelling) and Nesvizh (Nieswitz Polish spelling)>until about 1919. Their parents names were Sarka (Sarah) Budowla (Budowlia, Budovla, Budovlya, Budoff, Budovitch or Budovich) and Owszej (Yesheiya in Yiddish) Nowogrodzki (Polish spelling).  See the Budowla Home Page for more information about Sarka's (Sarah's) family. Owszej was born in Minsk.  I believe Owszej parents names were Fannie and Isidore (Avraham) Novogrudsky but I am not sure because Owszej was orphaned at a young age. Owzsej had a brother who also left for parts unknown (United States or maybe South America). We do not even know his name. Coupel who was living some where in South America could have been his name or a name of a cousin of my grandfather. Here is a picture of my grandfather, who is the younger child and his family members. In addition here is a picture of a cousin' and another cousin that we do not even know who they are. Here is a picture of my father and other brothers in the 1940's. Here is a modern picture of today's male Nowogrodzkis and Aunt Gail, and here is a picture of today's female Nowogrodzkis. My grandfather died in 1935 and not much was known about him. Here is a family picture taken at my father's wedding to his first wife Lena Shulman around 1932 just few years before my grandfather passed away. My father also passed away about 30 years ago during November 1980.

Novogrudsky might be a common name in Byelorussia but I have not seen to many here in the U.S. until I relocated to Brooklyn and happened to see three Novogrudskys as well as many Nowogrodzkis and Novogrodskys in the New York area phone books. With the coming of the internet with search engines and people find services such as Lycos, I have found them across the United States, Canada and other countries. See the links below. The Novogrodskys and Nowogrodzkis in the phone books may or may not from the same town because I believe that some of these people got their last name from living by the town of Nowogrod which is located near the larger city of Lomza in what is today north eastern Poland. There name was pronounced Novogrudsky. I believe that many of the people with the name Novogrudsky came from the area where my father was born. This is a town called Novogrudok which in past times was part of a region called Novogrudok. Again the Polish spelling was Nowogrodek and the Byelorussian spelling is Navahradak. Novogrudok is located today in Belarus. The different area Nowogrodzki names were spelt similar or the same and pronounced the same. The O with an accent on top is pronounced like the english U. When the accent was dropped people began to pronounce the name Novogrodsky. The last O was now pronounce like an English O especially by Novogrodskys that immigrated to English speaking countries.

I have gotten a few nice responses from people interested in these names. One nice response was from a Novogrodsky that lives in California. Unfortunately after speaking with a few of his family members there is no way to tie his family to mine with the exception that his family does come from the same area but lived in different towns. It looks like their name comes from the same town that my family name originated and was pronounced the same. It also seems that a large number of Novogrodskys are related to his family. Another Nowogrodzki who responded to me now lives in New York and was originally from Poland. He feels that all these variations are the same name which is pronounced Novogrudsky and spelled in Polish Nowogrodzki with an accent over the third O. As with the first person that contacted me we can not tie our families together. An older gentleman, Morris Greenblat, whose Mother's maiden name was Novogrodsky, who was encouraged by his friend, called me. As before we can not tie our families together. He is looking for his lost Novogrodsky relatives.  I posted his information here in an attempt to help him find his family.  In addition, I had correspondence with a few people who work with genealogy. Also, I emailed most of the people of that have entered their names, addresses, and email addresses in on of the Jewish Genealogy Websites on the web. As before there is not enough information to tie their families to mine.  I have received emails and telephone calls from people interested in the Nowogrodzki Surname from all over the world.  I had correspondence from, Louise Glasspoole, a person researching Novogrodskys from England.  She had done some excellent work getting old documents from Minsk translated regarding Novogrudskys.  As before we can not tie our families together due to lack of information.  I received email from another Novogrodsky in Israel. His family comes from the same area as my father but as with the previous Novogrodskys I can not yet find a common ancestor.  I also emailed a Novogrudsky from Russia and a Nowogrodzki from Poland. As before none of them know much about the history of the Nowogrodzkis. Some of the towns that Nowogrodzki families were living in Belarus were Nesvizh, Kletsk, Loktashy, Lechowitz, Mir, Vasilishki, Molchad, Bialystok, Grodno, Volkovysk, Baranowicze, NowyDwor, Sobakince, Horodyszcze, Zdzieciol,Bielica, Belitsa, and Lida. Some of the towns Nowogrodzki families were living in Norhteastern Poland were Wyszkow, Lomza, Ostrolenka, Ostrow Mazowiecka, Ciechanow, Przasnysz, Dzyatlava, Mlawa, Tykocin, Wizna, Serock, and Warsaw. I spent a few hours on the Ellis Island database compiling all the Nowogrodzkis that I can find that entered the US through New York.

Because of the difficulty of finding connections to other Nowogrodzki Families living in the same area and the fact people may incorrectly assume that other Nowogrodzkis are not related to them, I am proposing that all individuals interested in the Nowogrodzki families pool all their information. I would be happy to have all available Nowogrodzki information added to my Nowogrodzki Website and I would be happy to post it in manner that they see fit. If you feel more comfortable to write in any other language, please feel free to do so as I can translate it. If you also do not know much about your Novogrudsky side of the family, please pass this website address to some relatives who might have more information regarding the Nowogrodzki family.

All the people I have spoken in connection to Novogrodsky come from the same area. Some pronounce their names Novogrudsky and other pronounce their names Novogrodsky. The majority of the male Novogrodskys that have contacted me or that I have found on the web or through databases and books seem to be involved in the profession of computers, law, accounting, education, and medicine. Novogrodskys were even involved in medicine and law in Poland. I have copies of the pages about these Novogrodskys from books I found in the Florida International University Library. Lastly, I created a web page called Novogrodskys during the Holocaust from these materials as a tribute to Nowogrodzki who pereshed during the Holocaust.

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