Hi. This is the Nowogrodzki Consulting affiliated and perferred company Web Site. The companies included on this page are either affiliated with Nowogrodzki Consulting, have some type of financial arrangement with Nowogrodzki Consulting, or are reconized by Nowogrodzki Consuting as an outstanding company.

The founder of Nowogrodzki Consulting is David Novick. David Novick is a CPA and a Senior Grants Accountant with Teachers College, Columbia University. He earned a Masters Degree in Accounting from Florida International University, a Masters of Arts degree in Computing in Education and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and Media Degree from Teachers College Columbia University. He is continuing his studies toward a Ed.D in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College Columbia University in order to help improve accounting education here in the United States.

The founder of the company has been creating web sites for about 7 years and using the Internet since about 1987. It appears due to the rapid growth of the Internet and World Wide Web that there is more of a demand by companies for their own individualized web sites than are there people and companies with the avaiable expertise and time available to create these web sites. Also, the founders of this company have been working in accounting and taxation issues for about the past 8 years. These founders had decided that their education and experience can help the Internet community.

These are the major reasons the founders decided to create this company by pooling together a number of talented individuals in order to provide complete business Internet services including accounting and taxation services at very competitive rates.

His preferred Email address is davidnovick@nowogrodzki.com, which I read continuously.

The Company Work Address is:

   David Novick
  Nowogrodzki Consulting
  2665 Hubbard Street
  Brooklyn, New York 11235
  Phone (718) 368-3416

This web site which is still under construction, contains many of the basic information about Nowogrodzki Consulting. This web site was last updated January 30, 2011.

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America’s QuickBooks Specialists

David Novick
Email: davidnovick@nowogrodzki.com
Nowogrodzki Web Design Company