There are many reasons why we believe that we can better meet the Internet needs of small and medium sized businesses and why we believe it will be advantageous for your company to use our services.

  1. In order to remain competitive and to get ahead in our technological age, small and medium companies can not afford not to be using the Internet as a tool for their success.

  2. We provide similar services at the fraction of the price that other companies providing Internet Services charge.

  3. We can save you time and money compared to what it would cost you in designing and maintaining your own web site. Your time would be better spent pursuing your business than playing around with and designing web pages. Even if you know the basics of HTML, it will still be a time consuming adventure. Your staff as well is probably overburdened with their regular work flow. If you would hire a person as an employee to design the web site, it would cost you more with salary and benefits as well as company resources, such as computers, phone lines, etc.

  4. The founders of this company have been working with HTML, designing web pages, and working with the Internet for the past 12 years.

  5. We offer very flexible packages for our clients. We offer and provide at least 3 packages based on your company's needs and expectations for the all of our clients. If you have special needs we will taylor your company with a special package to meet your expectations and beyond.

Updated January 17, 1999

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