Hi. This is the Nowogrodzki Web Site. I lost this URL for a few years when I did not renew it on time, and a Chinese entity decided to register and hold on to this domain name for a few years. The goal of this website is to reinstate and continue my genealogy website, and to continue experiment and create affiliated companies in order are to provide complete, effective use of the Internet for small and medium sized businesses to remain competitive and ahead in today's new business environment at reasonable prices well below the industry average. In additional I may also want to develop my own political framework as I am not to happy what is going on in the world today. I also would like to promote fully remote learning and work among large companies and universities

I am the founder of this website and my name is David Novick. I am a CPA and a Grants Manager/Systems Administrator with Teachers College, Columbia University. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Florida, earned a Masters Degree in Accounting from Florida International University, and earned a Masters of Arts degree in Computing in Education and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College Columbia University. I hope to help improve accounting education here in the United States.

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   David Novick
        2665 Hubbard Street
        Brooklyn, New York 11235
        Phone (718) 314-8768

These following links may be created in the future Nowogrodzki Web Site Design, Nowogrodzki Accounting and Taxation Services, Nowogrodzki Real Estate Company, Nowogrodzki Preferred Companies , and to the Nowogrodzki Genealogy Home Page .

This web site which is still under construction, contains only my basic thoughts. This web site was last updated September 30, 2022. The links below are some of my affiliates or buddies.

David Novick
Owner of Nowogrodzki Website